Uploading case studies

Being able to find relevant case studies for illustrating key digital and physical safety issues in different regions can be a challenge especially when trainers are teaching in different regions.

To make this process easier, Free Press Unlimited encourages trainers to work together to share case studies that can be used in training sessions. Creating a database of case studies will allow trainers to draw on this resource when they are designing their own curriculum or adapting ours.

To share your case study with other trainers please complete the template available on this site with the requested information.

Thank you for sharing your case study! Please follow the instructions and fill out the following form with the relevant details. All our case studies are freely available for use by others. Please make sure you have the permission of the journalist before sharing their case study with us.

  • for example online harassment, arrest and detention, covering protests, etc.
  • for example freelancer, photojournalist, local journalists, international journalist, etc.
  • What was the journalist reporting on? What happened because of their reporting? Who was the perpetrator? What effect did this have on the journalist? How did the journalist respond?
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    Max. file size: 64 MB.
      Please note: uploading large files can take a little while.

    Case Studies

    How to use the case studies

    Being able to give real-life examples of women journalists and the challenges they face can be an important part of training. Real life examples can help women journalists to see that they are not alone and that there are solutions for managing threats.

    Free Press Unlimited’s curriculum has designated sections for these case studies and trainers are encouraged to use them to stimulate discussion. We have created a shared database of case studies which trainers can both use and contribute to.

    Click through to access the database and choose case studies by region or by security topic.